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Long Tail Versus Short Tail Keywords

What is the difference between long tail keywords and short tail keywords and why do you need to be concerned with it? Are not all keywords the same? In actuality, one of the most important rules to keep in mind when it comes to keyword analysis is that the most profitable keywords will have a high number of searches but have a lower volume of competition. The reason this is important to you in terms of your Internet marketing efforts is that short tail keywords offer higher search volumes and higher levels of competition while long tail keywords offer less competition and the ability to better define the search parameters.

Defining Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords

An example of a short tail keyword would be ‘Vizio HDTV.’ A long tail keyword would be something like ‘where to find inexpensive Vizio HDTV.’ As you can see, a long tail keyword is always going to feature more words. Long tail keywords are also always more profitable because they offer the chance to more clearly define a particular search or what the user is searching for. In this example, any number of sites could provide information about Vizio HDTV products, such as sites that have reviews, user guides, etc. If your site offers discount or inexpensive Vizio HDTVs or information about how to find inexpensive Vizio HDTVs it is important to make sure you target that to separate your site from the rest of the crowd.

Where to Dominate your Internet Marketing Efforts

The key to making Internet marketing work for you lies in knowing which keywords to target. This means not only knowing which keywords will best describe your product or service, but also knowing which keywords have the higher search volumes or the highest number of people searching for those terms. At the same time, you must also be cognizant of the amount of competition that exists for a particular keyword. The best choice is always the keyword that offers the highest search volume and the lowest amount of competition, which is precisely what a long tail keyword does. This is what you need to dominate to succeed with Internet marketing.

Understanding the difference between short tail keywords and long tail keywords can help you to ensure you are focusing your marketing efforts in the direction that will provide you the highest return. To learn more about Internet marketing and choosing the right keywords, please sign up for our newsletter.

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